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Teresa Trimble - Owner

Cleaning is more than a service, it's a way to be of service

Our Mission, Vision & Values

The way we do business is a reflection of who we are and what we believe in. Meet us on the street and you will find the same people you have come to trust cleaning your home or business.


The "bigger why" behind our business is helping our clients reclaim their valuable time and freedom with the peace of mind knowing their home or office is well taken care with consistent, detailed cleaning services.


Our vision is being the top-of-mind residential and commercial cleaning provider in Victoria, BC and the Greater Victoria Area because of the quality of our work, the life-long relationships we build and our stewardship of the environment.


We live by the adage "How you do anything is how you do everything". Our values are infused into every level of our organization to create a nurturing environment for everyone.

  • Integrity

    We do what we say we are going to do

  • Honesty

    We respect, protect, and honor our client`s personal property, privacy, and confidentiality

  • Responsibility

    We own problems that arise and fix them

  • Commitment

    We make promises with thought, care and candor to provide outstanding service to our clients

  • Communication

    We strive for respectful listening to both people and pets

  • Co-operation

    We are here to help and find ways to meet the needs of your specific situation

  • Knowledge

    Even with more than a decade of cleaning experience, we believe there is always something to learn and improve upon for the benefit of all our clients.


Cleaning Service Rates

Residenital Cleaning Rates

Standard Residential Services

Our current rate for standard residential cleaning and disinfection is:

  • $30 / hour + GST
  • 3 hour minimum*

Based on our experience, 3 hours is the minimum time needed to properly clean even the smallest of spaces to our high standards. 

To meet your cleaning needs, cleaning services can be:

  • weekly
  • bi-weekly
  • one time

Speciality Residential Services

Our current rate for move in & move out, deep cleaning, spring / fall cleaning, VRBO cleaning, and estate cleaning services is:

  • $37.50 / hour + GST
  • 4 hour minimum*

Based on our experience, 4 hours is the minimum time needed to properly clean in a move in or move out situation. Additional time is required to clean the interior of washers / dryers, refrigerators, stoves, appliances, cupboards, drawers, etc.

* A travel charge may be added for locations outside the main areas we service.

Heather Thompson

"I’ve used [Blue Bucket] for my home and clinic and am always happy with the excellent job they do."

Commercial Cleaning Rates

Commerical Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning done well takes into account the type of business and the work space. We have had great success creating satisfied clients by speaking with them directly to create an individualized quote.  Information gathered through our conversations encompasses details such as:

  • location
  • square footage
  • hours
  • frequency
  • work stations
  • office space
  • operating hours

We are happy to discuss details and develop a comprehensive free quote that meets your needs.

Light Commericial Building Types

We specialize in light commercial cleaning for buildings and businesses such as:

  • Strata buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Places of worship
  • Community centres
  • Small to medium offices (eg. dental, medical, real estate, bank, non-profits, accounting, etc)

Penny Deichert

Owner, Berkshaw Condominium Management

"Teresa excelled in her role, exhibiting on of the highest levels of productivity I have seen in the industry ... while consistently maintaining high standards for quality." 

Del Simon

Board Member, Livingstone House Condominium Corporation

"A perfectionist, she is well organized and keeps a strict schedule that works well for our building."

If you didn't have to clean ...

We are focused on people first. Whatever your needs, your cleaning needs don't fit into cookie cutters so you shouldn't be forced to choose a standard package. Let's work out a plan for you.

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