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Penny Deichert

Owner, Berkshaw Condominium Management

Teresa excelled in her role, exhibiting on of the highest levels of productivity I have seen in the industry. She produces high level of workmanship and while consistently maintaining high standards for quality. 

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Del Simon

Board Member, Livingstone House Condominium Corporation

Teresa Trimble has an infectious personality, gets along well with and cares for her clients. She is trustworthy and possesses impeccable character and integrity. A perfectionist, she is well organized and keeps a strict schedule that works well for our building.

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Donna R Hughes

President | CEO | Inner Solutions Ltd.

Teresa is a very trustworthy, hard working, and highly conscientious person.  She is ‘hands on’ and exceptional in ‘going the extra mile’. ...They also do my annual office spring clean (5,000 sq feet) because cleaners hired by the landlord never actually deep clean like Blue Bucket does. 

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Heather Thompson

I’ve used [Blue Bucket] for my home and clinic and am always happy with the excellent job they do.

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Judy Bergeson

Chair, Wild Rose United Church

Teresa provided custodial services for just over 4 (four) years. For that whole time we have been impressed with Teresa's professionalism, adaptability, discretion and thoroughness. Teresa has always been meticulous in her work, friendly in her demeanor and willing to work around whatever obstacles may have been in her way. 

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Cathy Phillips

Consistently awesome! Definitely recommend.

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Craig Fraser

We started with Teresa Trimble at Blue Bucket about a month ago. She's done a great job and is a great person too. If you're looking for cleaning services, definitely reach out! I believe she does commercial as well as residential.

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